New Leadership Assimilation


Leadership Assimilation

Many companies promote leaders because of past performance, not necessarily because of future potential. Many companies also spend little time getting the new leader up to speed. They may assign a “trainer” or “mentor”, but new leaders and their teams are not quite sure of each other and valuable time is wasted in the “getting to know you” process. Statistics show it takes up to 6 months for teams to assimilate under a new leader. Our proven process can cut that time in half and the enhanced results of the new team directly benefit their organization.

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Executive & Professional Coaching

This service is centered on the individual and is results oriented. At The Maul Group, we tailor our coaching to the unique goals of each client.


We do a wall to wall evaluation of your HR practices and processes. We can also help develop a strategic plan to match HR goals with business goals.

Talent Development

We help corporations retain their key talent by assisting the client in setting meaningful goals, building self-awareness, while also developing their abilities.

Executive Career Transition

We use a unique process of evaluations, discovery, resume and networking focus, and individual attention to help key executives transition to their next role.


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